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The need to look within....

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

It's been many years since I began my spiritual awakening, and I am so grateful for this profound and amazing spiritual experience that has changed my world in the most beautiful ways. Around 15 years ago, my life on the surface appeared pretty good. I had a beautiful family, I was well liked by my friends, had a stable job that seemed to tick all the worldly boxes and yet something didn't seem quite right deep within my heart..... Behind the smiles and laughter, I wasn't completely satisfied and fulfilled by life. Perhaps there was something missing I hadn't yet achieved or discovered in the world??

I now know that through my intentions and desire for something more, I must have asked the Universe/God to send me confirmation and a message that there must be more to this physical life where we are born, grow old and eventually die. , Surely there must be more, that can't be just it?

All of a sudden my external world began to change with amazing synchronicities, and I started having many beautiful and incredible "paranormal experiences and visits from the other side"......To my amazement and disbelief these "paranormal yet deeply spiritual" experiences made me feel so loved, cared for and guided by God and Spirit. I began to feel there was a powerful and all loving presence that was gently guiding me to wherever it was I was heading. My meditation practices began to deepen and soar to new amazing levels, I continued receiving Reiki healing for myself and that continued to help me let go and heal my emotions and physical issues.

Yet, underneath all of that happening on the surface, the biggest and most profound changes happened within my perception and thoughts towards myself and my relationships.....It became necessary to look within to my inner world for the answers, contentment and peace I had always been seeking, not through my external world where the road never seemed to lead anywhere. I learned to reconnect back to my soul consciousness and connection to God through my daily practice of meditation and being fully present in each moment whenever possible.

I began to discover the biggest block and catalyst to my spiritual awakening and transformation was the need to look within. What were my thoughts telling me about myself, my life and what I had experienced from my past? I was so used to my mind running the show and projecting out unconscious thought patterns and behaviours that I didn't seem able to identify, yet let alone control or change to more elevated and positive way of thinking.

It dawned on me that I needed to not only go within to find my personal and universal truth and question who was I, but I also needed to immerse myself in reading spiritually based texts and information that questioned my beliefs about myself and the world as I saw it.

As you are reading this, did you realise there are over 7.7 Billion people on this planet right now and we all are seeing life through our own individual experience and perception? And what makes that true for any of us? How can we truly know what we are believing has anything to do with the truth of us as a spiritual being (Soul or Spirit we often refer it to) and what drives us to do certain behaviours and subconscious patterns? Fear runs the show a lot of the time in our lives unfortunately and don't we all want to feel Love's presence within and around us?

So my gift to you today as you read through my experience of my awakening journey, is to remember that you have everything and more to move through this human experience. To remember and awaken to the truth that your true self is an eternal, perfect, whole/complete and innocent child of God. You just need to remember within you in the deep stillness in your heart is your true home with the Divine, and you will never ever lose that profound connection to Love and Peace. I send you love and blessings on your individual spiritual experience wherever that may be, and that you may awaken to who you truly are....


Mary xxxooo


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