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Additional resources for yourSpiritual journey

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As we go along our healing and spiritual journey of awakening and opening to Spirit  we begin to release and transform old and outworn negative emotions, behaviors and patterns.


 It is very beneficial and helpful to access, read and absorb Divine truth and wisdom through reading spiritual texts, listening to spiritual teachers or immersing our mind in peaceful and uplifting meditations. When we reflect on spiritual truths and knowledge, it infuses us with hope, positivity and wisdom that has been overlaid by the Ego. Through reflection, we are able to reconnect and remember our truth as an eternal and loving soul of light and love.

I hope you find the following resources and videos helpful, wherever you are on your spiritual
awakening journey.....

Please feel free to reach out for more information and assistance via email. Or perhaps you might like to book in for a healing session with me to receive more clarity, higher perspective and guidance as to where you are on your healing and awakening journey now.



Meditation Videos

Meditation for surrendering outcomes to God 

by Gary Renard

Audio Books on YouTube

A Return to Love AudioBook

by Marianne Williamson 

Meditation to Raise your vibrations with the Angels 

by Natasha Tome

Meditation for practicing Self Compassion

by Tara Brach

The Power of Now AudioBook

by Eckhart Tolle

What is Says - Teachings and Introduction

to A Course in Miracles

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