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I have assisted men, women and children heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually over the past 12 years.

If you’d like to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my healing services, I suggest taking a look at my client testimonials below.

My clients understand and acknowledge the wonderful benefits of working with me. They know that I provide highly uplifting and positive Angelic energy that brings about deep healing in each Reiki session. Resulting in transformation, personal and spiritual growth, peace and clarity to the mind, body and spirit.

Testimonials: Testimonial

Wow - what can I say about Mary. Her InnaClariti healing practice has helped me so much over the last few months. I have been suffering from a few mental and physical conditions recently and Mary has been a important part of my healing process.
Mary has a true gift. Before my first Reiki session with her I admit I did have doubts that someone could have such a connection with the angels and that it could actually help me. But these doubts have completely gone now as I have seen first hand what Mary can do.
Each session I have with Mary I walk away with an uplifted mood, a clearer mind, physically feeling better and this feeling of spiritual guidance. Her therapy room is beautiful, clean, comfortable, warm and filled with positive energy. I love my Reiki sessions.
Thank you so much Mary for helping and healing me. I don't know where I would be without you.

LISA C. Banks, ACT

Mary is an incredibly gifted Reiki healer.

She is such a kind, loving and welcoming soul.
Mary has a beautiful healing studio. I have had many amazing sessions with her, I highly recommend booking in.

Chloe O. Deakin, ACT

I can't recommend Mary enough. Her healing abilities are amazing thru her reiki and angels. She is a beautiful person and has helped me with various emotional struggles. Her meditation sessions are very relaxing and support us physically, mentally and emotionally in our fast paced every day lives.
InnaClariti is the perfect way to defragment and work through your personal struggles!!

Kimberley B. Queanbeyan, NSW

Mary has provided amazing support and guidance to me throughout my recent spiritual journey. Reiki with Mary is peaceful, comforting and uplifting and her room has a beautiful energy. I always feel incredibly positive and in touch with the Angels after every reiki session. I will forever be grateful to Mary for her incredible spiritual mentoring.

Thank you beautiful lady!

Emily B. Jerrabomberra, NSW

Dealing with the grief from my mother's death has not been easy. Once again Mary has provided me with a safe and supportive environment as well as offering amazing insight. Mary provided the perfect space for me to reach my own 'innaclariti' as well as accurate guidance that was in tune with my needs.

Alison L. Chifley, ACT

Ashleigh D. Kambah, ACT

"Reiki with Mary is like a peaceful, quiet, cool breeze - it is so calming and refreshing. I have always been very selective about who I allow to do energy work on me. There is an innocence and purity about Mary that is utterly beautiful. I have total faith in Mary and her commitment to maintaining the Holiest intent in her work - which naturally results in a beautiful experience. Thank you lovely!"

"Every visit to InnaClariti is relaxing and enjoyable. The room is comfortable and warm and Mary is extremely gifted with her Reiki and angels. It's so lovely to feel peaceful and calm after my treatment, thank you Mary."

Sara R. O'Connor, ACT

"Mary is an incredibly caring person who fosters a supportive environment perfect for healing physically and emotionally.
Mary has supported me in my healing journey by centering the core of my health issues.
Like many people. I wasn't really sure what I was in for. Mary is extremely professional and a master of her art. I walk away from the sessions feeling very calm and at peace..."​      


"Mary is such a beautiful soul who works close with the Angels. Reiki has helped me so much by receiving energy from her wonderful healing hands. If anyone is looking for a Reiki Therapist, I would highly recommend Mary".

Kiki. M  Waramanga, ACT

“A beautiful Reiki session.... Mary has an amazing ability to bring deep peace and inner alignment within me with the assistance of the Angels. Thanks Mary for a lovely and deeply healing session!"

Natasha .K PERTH W.A

“I recommend InnaClariti (Mary Mommsen) for anyone looking for genuine caring and concern. Mary's commitment to her own development and assisting others in theirs, assures that a healing session at InnaClariti is given with interest, insight and Angelic guidance.”

4 years ago my appendix became infected…I was admitted to the Canberra Hospital & it was decided to have my appendix removed.  The operation went OK but the post-op was quite unpleasant.


I think I developed adhesions. My stomach bloated and going to the toilet was excruciating.

I was offered a Reiki session by Mary but personally I was quite sceptical about how it would help me in my situation.

But in my desperation for some relief I had Mary do a Reiki session. I have to confess that the relief was almost immediate & I was a willing subject of several more sessions during which the unpleasant symptoms simply went away. I felt not only physically better but far more peaceful and I knew I was healing emotionally as well.

I have had a few more sessions in subsequent years when I felt a bit stressed from family & business concerns & I must say I find the treatments help me to calm down & de-stress me. I can now say I'm a true believer in Mary and her Reiki work.

Rom G. Kambah ACT

Mary is a warm, intuitive font of knowledge. I felt so safe and supported in her presence and grateful for her place in my growth journey 💖

Zoe C. Jerrabomberra NSW

I started on my reiki healing journey with Mary 4 months ago and I’ve never looked back! Mary is a talented, genuine person who makes you feel comfortable at every appointment. She is a gifted energy healer and medium who has helped me progress my own healing beyond anything I could have imagined - it’s indescribable. Through Mary, I have learnt to develop my own abilities and have since progressed in following my own journey in becoming a practitioner. Thank you Mary!!

Kate D. Gordon ACT

I have been seeing Mary for a while now, she is guiding me through my healing journey. Mary has a warm energy surrounding her and is easy to feel comfortable around. Her room feels safe to be in and I found it so easy to be vulnerable with her.
Since seeing Mary a lot of things have changed in my life, through her healing and conversations I have finally started to find love in myself, gratitude in my life and my perspective on myself, my worth and the meaning of my own life has changed drastically for the better. She helps you connect with your authentic self that hides behind your ego. The healing journey is not an easy one but Mary provides admirable support and understanding.
I would recommend Mary to everyone who is open to an alternative healing path. I found Reiki therapy to be more effective than western treatments for depression. Mary is an extremely talented healer and I cannot praise her enough.

Jade L. Bruce ACT

Mary is such a beautiful person and I always look forward to my reiki sessions! I have now had 3 sessions and every time I leave I feel so much better. I could not recommend going here enough!!

Ruby I. Jerrabomberra NSW

Mary is so kind and caring. I always feel welcomed and leave feeling as if my soul has been repaired. I look forward to my visits with Mary.

Julie H. Queanbeyan NSW

Karen.S Kambah, ACT

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