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The Throat Chakra

This week I am discussing the Fifth Chakra in the Etheric Body - the Throat Chakra. It is located aroung the neck and the throat area of the physical body. This Chakra is symbolised by the colour blue and it is the main centre for communication - both written and spoken. It also applies to active listening.

The Angel that governs the Throat is Archangel Gabriel, who as the messenger of God assists us to speak with Divine wisdom, love compassion and forgiveness.

Crystals that are beneficial for the Throat Chakra are usually blue in colour (to reflect the Chakra colour) and consist of Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Tourmaline, plus many more.

The soul passes through this higher Chakra between the ages of 30 and 37. This begins the process of emcompassing the connection of self by opening up to speaking our truth with expression, love, creativity and integrity.

When the Throat Chakra is under active or blocked we can experience symptoms such as a sore throat, thyroid imbalances, glandular fever, tonsilitis and other health issues concerning the neck and mouth. On the other hand, when someone has an over active Throat Chakra they can be loud and openly opinionated to the point of putting others views and perspectives down. Additional common non-physical signs of imbalance include gossiping, non-stop talking and arrogance or condescension.

As a child I experienced many throat issues such as Tonsilitis, sore throats and Glandular fever.- all relating to blockages in this Chakra. The symptoms I experienced were due to not having clear and truthful communication with the relationships I was in. Boundaries are also important for our healthy sense of self respect. By continually speaking our truth and putting verbal boundaries in our relationships, we sit in our integrity that is aligned to our personal truth of who we are and what doesn't serve us, or impedes our Spiritual development and progress.

Through the use of Reiki I have managed to clear and balance this Chakra and I keep working on expressing myself clearly, lovingly and truthfully in my relationships.

It can be hard to speak up for something you feel passionately about, especially if many people don't support or hold the same belief or perception as you do. But speaking from prior experience, if you don’t you can repress and stifle yourself. You begin to devalue your opinion’s and beliefs to the point where you stop openly sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings even to the one's you know and connect to the most.

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