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The Power of Love....

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

There are only two states of mind that exist - Love and Fear.

The key to spiritual awakening and transformation lies in the understanding and awareness of these two states that our minds constantly switches between. Love is of God and Spirit, whereas fear is of Ego and Body consciousness.

At some point in everyone's life, we come to an awareness and realisation that we suffer fear and loss of some description. That form can come through as loss of a relationship, death of a loved one, loss of wealth/material possessions, loss of a career/job and can include many, many more ideas of what we consider to be of importance and value in this World.

You may have heard the Buddha's teaching "Attachment is the cause of all suffering". I personally can agree to that powerful statement, that when my Ego and mind have created fear and suffering, it is generally always about the loss of something or someone in my life. And the Ego can be very clever in persuading and convincing us that we are separate from love and God....This is of course is impossible. The Ego's whole thought system is based on being separate in a body that also believes it separate from God and our soul family. That is the illusion we have taught ourselves to believe from birth into this World of time and space.

Love is of God, and if God is love and we are created in that likeness and image as Spiritual beings, then we too are love at our very core and divine nature. We all know the feeling of when we are in the flow of love and grace. We feel harmonious, positive, joyful, happy etc. We can sit within the effortless feeling that we can let go and allow things to flow in our lives. We allow God to flow through our thoughts in inspiration, and trust that we are being guided towards something or someone who will bring to us our highest good and divine purpose. This is love in action.....This is our natural state. Fear is the complete opposite of this powerful and beautiful emotion and feeling.

Through our daily meditation practice and calling on the wonderful assistance of the Angels, Holy Spirit and other ascended guides and teachers through Spirit, we can reconnect back more easily to love, peace and stillness within our mind. We come back to our original nature of spirit and we create balance within as we understand and remember the truth of who we really are. We allow the mind to let go of fearful thoughts and ideas in our meditation practice, and space then opens up to help us remember and reconnect to the divine and eternal love within our hearts and minds.

Another powerful technique is to simply tell the mind is "I am a being of Light, I am a Soul, I am Love, I am Eternal". To repeat this mantra and spiritual truth dispels the voice of the Ego and calms the mind so we can rest back into peace and love.

If you are still experiencing difficulties reconnecting to love, Reiki is a wonderful modality to calm the body, mind and Spirit. Reiki channels the purest and highest energies of light and love from the Divine into the person receiving it. During a session the mind and body begin to calm down and rest in deep peace and love. Visualising pink light around the chest/heart Chakra can also be very beneficial and calling on Archangel Chamuel to help you reconnect back to love within is wonderful to do as well.

So next time you find yourself feeling fearful, worried or anxious just begin be gentle with yourself, and remember the divine truth that you have never lost your connection to God and love as it is always within you. All you need to do is sink back into stillness to reconnect back within your heart to feel love's awareness once again.

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