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Being in the present moment....

Coming back to the present moment is a powerful way to reconnect to our soul, hear and listen to our intuition and be able to receive loving guidance from Spirit and the Angels. But to me,the most important aspect of sitting peacefully within each moment is the opportunity we have to reconnect with our powerful and most loving Creator - God.

Our minds can be similar to a "runaway train" with so many thoughts being from our past experiences. We even create perceptions and ideas on what our "future" will look like. From the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep, the conscious mind is continually working and thinking. We can generate anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day!! And 80% of these thoughts are negative or in the past. Like a movie script running constantly in our minds, we begin to believe that what we think is true. And that right there is our biggest downfall.

Our beliefs are based on our perceptions of people, situations and even how we tend to view ourselves, defined by the roles we play within our life (eg. Daughter, Friend, Nurse, Mother etc) We take on the concept that our beliefs must be true by examples like the way we were treated by others growing up, through what our personal experiences taught us (good or bad) and even how we can perceive ourselves as guilty and unworthy of love. Unfortunately the Ego tends to convince us very strongly that the past is still playing out in our current situations. We tend to draw on negative patterns and perceptions by believing we are re-experiencing the same pain and fear over and over.

Meditation dramatically slows our thoughts down, and when the stream of our thoughts slow down you will be able to come back to the present moment and sit back in peace. When we focus our mind on what we are doing in each moment without the thoughts of past and present we become less stressed, ,fully present with what we are doing at the time, more aware and conscious of our thoughts and feelings , are able to focus better without the constant chatter and fears playing out in the mind and we give space for Spirit and the Angels to lovingly guide us through our intuition and feelings from our heart and not our head.

Leading busier and busier lives throughout these modern times with the influx of technology and attention seeking devices that are on constant offer to us, we lose the connection to ourselves, our inner guidance and most importantly our connection with God. From a place of stillness, peace and calmness we gain from our meditation practices we begin to let go of itinerary based thinking (what should I be doing next? where do I need to be tomorrow? etc) and sit in the powerful connection of the here and now.

To be fully in the present moment, we sit in our soul awareness and stop listening to the "chatter" in our heads. As our thought patterns begin to slow down, we then start to feel less busy and tense. When we begin to relax and experience peace, then clarity and awareness can be discovered from our inner self and soul.

The past is gone and the future hasn't even happened yet, the only real moment is the one right now. Everyone has the capability of slowing down their thoughts if they choose to and adopt a self care regime of meditation. The rewards for doing so are certainly well worth the effort. After all, life is too short and inside us don't we all desire a life that is calm, peaceful and less hectic?

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