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Deep healing achieved through Reiki....

Reiki has so many uses and wonderful benefits for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

So many people these days have high anxiety, lots of stress and are generally unhappy and discontented with life. Reiki is a powerful healing modality to bring back feelings of peace, love and contentment within. Divine energy flows through the Practitioner's hands into the client and many people report feelings of heat, cold, tingling sensations and a deep sense of safety and peace envelops them in each treatment.

Through this feeling of being safe to let go and allow deep emotions and feelings to surface, the client can step into owning each emotion, acknowledge, release judgement and then let it go mentally, emotionally and physically. That is when true healing occurs, and the client can move onward and positive energy fills the space during healing to encourage new positive growth patterns, insights and motivation.

With the daily use of Reiki and Meditation, I keep in alignment and maintain connection to my intuition and soul consciousness. I become connected to my Soul's I am presence by allowing myself to be in a place of full awareness of my thoughts and feelings.

And the reward by allowing myself to go inward through contemplation and reflection?

Peace, love and inner clarity.

I also gain guidance of what needs to change in my life and relationships, and with that strength/courage to trust my life is constantly guided and supported by God and the Angels.

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